Kailani is a new high quality sound instrument born and develop in Austria in the year 2012, a new creation of perfect sounds, tons and shape.

Kailani sounds are base in aluminum tubes (9 or 11 tubes) with precise tunings that creates a very high resonance of absolute clear and expanded tones rich in crystalline sounds and overtones. Hand made in a beautiful hexagonal shape with selected natural woods to activate the energetic form of the Kailani as Sacred Geometry instrument.

Kailani can be play for any person who feels the called for the instrument. Kailani open the doors for singers to accompany and explore there voices, and for musicians to expand the creative process, as well is a very interesting instrument for children’s to develops sensitivity and creativity, and opens a completely new portal for people dedicated to Sound Healing.

Kailani sounds create a very unique space of stillness and crystalline energies, inviting the presence of deep relaxation and meditation within you. We invite you to experience the sounds of Kailani to expand and uplift your consciousness with the power of high frequency Sounds.

Kailani can be play with the fingers or with the sticks specially design for this instrument;in both cases you can explore different ways of discovering the sounds and your own way of playing.

Kailani can be play putting the instrument in your own tights; hanging the instrument on a wall or a free hanging; or with and external improvise support in the corners of the instrument.


Kailani & Sound Healing

Sound Healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promotes wellness in the human system – including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. Sounds have the quality to affect states of consciousness. Many ancient civilizations and modern indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years.

There are wide ranges of techniques that utilize sound as a tool for change. The most common and basic use of sound is for meditation and relaxation. Chanting, toning and overtone singing are some of the most powerful methods for resonating sound throughout the body. The uses of nature sounds and natural instruments, such asKailani, have specific healing frequencies and harmonics. Sound is used to alter brainwave states to help people to simply help relax people and put them in a better state of mind. (extract from www.soundhealingcenter.com)